Surprise! Britney Spears Sends A Message Of Encouragement To Her Sister Jamie Lynn


Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated her 28th birthday in quarantine on Monday. The Zoey 101 actress was inundated with good wishes from her family and friends. Her older sister Britney, 38, took to Instagram Stories to share a sweet message for her little sis. Britney wrote in the caption of a photo showing herself smiling next to Jamie Lynn: ‘I love you so much, Leigh Leigh!

She continued: ‘You are such an amazing person and deserve the world and more! If I had to do it all over again… I would pick you as my sister every time! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!’ Jamie Lynn received a cease and desist letter from Britney’s lawyer after she published her memoir Things I Should Have Said this year. According to the letter, Jamie Lynn timed the publication of her book to coincide with the end of Britney’s conservatorship and a resurgence in interest in the family. The book was allegedly filled with “misleading or outrageous claims.” Even though Britney hasn’t read your book and doesn’t plan to, she and the vast majority of her fans were horrified to learn how you used her for your financial gain. She shouldn’t and won’t put up with it, Mathew S. Rosengart, Britney’s lawyer, wrote.

Jamie Lynn Spears Celebrated Her 28th Birthday In Quarantine On Monday

  • Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated her 28th birthday in quarantine on Monday.
  • She is being treated for the flu and will be under a 21 day quarantine, according to TMZ.
  • She is being treated by a doctor and has been taken out of the hospital where she was staying, according to People magazine.

The Zoey 101 Actress Was Inundated With Good Wishes From Her Family And Friends

Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of Britney Spears, has been in quarantine since July 16th due to chickenpox. She was forced to remain at home after she fell ill with a skin infection and was quarantined for about a week before being released.

Jamie Lynn’s mother Lynne says that her daughter is doing well despite not having seen her family in months: “She’s doing great,” Lynne said during an interview on Good Morning America Tuesday (September 21). “She’s happy to be out of there.” On Friday night, Britney Spears shouted out Jamie Lynn Spears, her 31 year-old sister, as she celebrated her 41st birthday. The fact that Britney had been publicly feuding with her estranged sister and accusing her of being complicit in Britney’s conservatorship up until its termination surprised some of her Instagram followers.

The pop icon shared two photos of Jamie Lynn and wrote, “It’s my birthday, but you’re my heart so I’m thinking about you. She can be seen in one of them playing the guitar and another in which she is sitting at a table and looking over her shoulder.

Her Older Sister Britney, 38, Took To Instagram Stories To Share A Sweet Message For Her Little Sis

You may not know it, but Jamie Lynn Spears is Britney’s older sister. The 28 year old actress and singer have been in quarantine for a week after being diagnosed with mono, an upper respiratory infection that causes a fever.

How sweet! Her older sister Britney took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday (October 17) to share a sweet message for her little sis: “I’m so happy you’re feeling better,” she wrote next to an image of Jamie Lynn lying down on a bed surrounded by flowers and pink accessories.

The two sisters have had their ups and downs over the years but this time around, they seem closer than ever before.

Britney Wrote In The Caption Of A Photo Showing Herself Smiling Next To Jamie Lynn

Britney Spears is the older sister of Jamie Lynn Spears, who is celebrating her 28th birthday in quarantine.

Britney took to Instagram Stories today to share a sweet message for her little sis: “Happy Birthday! I hope this year brings you lots of love and happiness.”

Jamie Lynn’s birthday is today, and she’s celebrating it in the hospital. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just nine years old.

‘I Love You So Much, Leigh Leigh!!!!’

You may not know this, but Jamie Lynn Spears is a singer, actress, and model. She is known to many as the older sister of Britney Spears.

On Monday, Jamie Lynn celebrated her birthday and she got some good news from her famous big sister! “I love you so much, Leigh Leigh!!!!,” Britney tweeted in response to a fan who asked about how she was doing.

It’s been two months since their mother Lynne filed for divorce from James Lassiter after 16 years together so it’s no wonder that people are getting worried about what’s going on with them both right now!

She continued: ‘You are such an amazing person and deserve the world and more! If I had to do it all over again… I would pick you as my sister every time!

You are an amazing person, Jamie Lynn! You deserve to be happy and have the best in life.

You are a great role model for other people, especially young girls who may be struggling with their body image issues.

And I know how much it means to you when people say nice things about me (and my sister). So thank you for sending such an encouraging message!

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