Camille Charrière’s Mango Collaboration is a Tribute to ’90s Partywear


This week, the world got to know Camille Charrière. The French designer, who was previously known for her namesake brand, has collaborated with Mango on a collection of ’90s partywear that’s set to launch in stores and online on February 1st. But if you ask me, we’ve all known about Camille for years: Her style is so iconic that it’s practically synonymous with ’90s fashion. From its flouncy skirts and crop tops to its neon colors and accessories like headbands (and not just any headbands), there’s no question that this collection will look just as good today as it did back then and maybe even better!

Camille Charrière

The twice-postponed wedding of Camille Charrière took place in Paris in December 2021. That same evening, the entire nation was once again placed under lockdown. It was a strange time, she claims. “Our wedding ended up being the year’s biggest event, so it felt like the last hurrah,” the bride said. Event wear was probably the last thing on the public’s mind at that time, but soon after, Mango contacted Charrière with a very intriguing offer. They wanted to work together to create a collection because they “really loved my wedding party pictures and outfits,” she explains. “Even though we were under lockdown, there was a sudden sense of hope.

It appears that Charrière was right all along. 11 months later, the partywear market is booming, and many retailers are moving up their party drops because of the high demand. In the meantime, rhinestones, sheer dresses, and bejeweled accessories are everywhere on Instagram and TikTok. We’ll use any justification to dress up. Therefore, it is not surprising that Charrière’s heavily Noughties-inspired collection, which debuts in stores and online today, has whipped up a frenzy among those who love fashion. “I had been avoiding that aspect of the fashion industry for a while because it seems like everyone has a brand or is doing a capsule. But let’s be honest, when Mango said “party clothes,” I was sold,” she chuckles. I adore how designing clothes for social occasions allows you to express all the facets of your personality. Adding a pair of heels was the traditional “desk to dinner” outfit, but I believe that’s no longer the case. Over the past few years, party wear has grown into a sizable market on its own.

Camille Charrière

Camille Charriere has the Standout Partywear Moment of Summer

When you think of Camille Charriere, there’s one thing that comes to mind: partywear. She has been seen in many different types of outfits, from body suits and crop tops (think Nicki Minaj) to tie-dye bikinis (think Madonna). But her most iconic moment came at age 16 when she wore a lime green jumpsuit with neon orange paws on the front. The look was so memorable that even now it’s hard not to spot her at any event where there are bright colors or patterned clothing involved. Camille returns with her collection this summer, and it’s sure to be another hit!

  • Camille Charrière, French fashion influencer, and party planner were approached by Mango to create a capsule collection inspired by her style and favorite vintage ’90s pieces.
  • The high street brand, Mango, approached Camille Charrière to create a capsule collection inspired by her style and favorite vintage ’90s pieces.
  • The collaboration is sure to be a hit with the public because of its unique combination of pastel colors paired with rave-worthy prints like polka dots and plaids.

Camille’s Collection is sure to be a hit

With dresses that act as the ultimate party season pieces (and probably the most Instagrammable too), Camille’s collection is sure to be a hit. The three-piece ensemble consists of an off-the-shoulder crop top, high-waisted shorts, and platform sandals. The look is finished with a choker necklace and wrist cuffs at each arm. These days we’ve become obsessed with all things vintage, so this collection has caught our eye.

Camille’s insight into bringing Statement ’90s Shapes

This year’s collection is a tribute to the ’90s. Camille’s insight into bringing statement ’90s shapes and sparkles up-to-date is key to our summer wardrobes. From graphic prints to huge embellishments, the dresses in this collection are made with bright colors, lots of shimmer, and sometimes even sequins! You’ll love wearing them at parties or for everyday wear!

Ahead of her London Fashion Week departure to Paris

When it comes to designing a capsule collection, you need to know what inspires you. What are your style cues? How do you keep up with fashion trends?

I’m inspired by everything from streetwear to high fashion, so I think that informs my style quite a lot. And also, I love hearing about different people’s stories and discovering new things about places or cultures through travel!

Camille Charrière

French fashion blogger Camille Charriere shares how she Designed her Mango Collection

“I have always loved this era,” said Camille Charrière, who put together a collection inspired by one of her favorite movies: Mean Girls. “The clothes are fun, colorful, and comfortable,” she told Women’s Wear Daily in an interview this week. “They remind me of summertime with white sneakers and crop tops.”


As always, Camille’s collection is perfect for those who want to take their style up a notch. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated or playful, there are so many options in this capsule that will work well with any outfit.

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