This Royal-Favorite Brand was just worn by Kate Middleton (Again)


The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most fashionable women in the world, and her style is always on point. From her outfits to accessories and even her shoes, Kate Middleton always looks excellent. But did you know that she’s also wearing a brand-new accessory? That’s right: The Duchess has been seen wearing Hobbs bags again and this time they’re affordable!

The Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton

In the past few months, Kate Middleton has been on the royal red carpet in a variety of dresses that are not only beautiful but also cozy. NORDSTROM is selling these amazing pieces at prices under $200 a steal!

The Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing a lot of Ralph Lauren Collection by John Varvatos ($65) and Stella McCartney ($135) both made with wool blend fabrics for warmth and comfort. She also recently wore an Alexander Wang dress ($350).

Between any outfit she wears in public to even the tiniest sliver of skin that happens to peak out beneath her gowns, there’s a lot to stay up-to-date with.

It’s no surprise that Kate Middleton is one of the most stylish women on earth (and we’re not just saying that because she married Prince William). She knows how important it is for her style to be both elegant and timeless and since she has been able to do this since childhood, it shows.

So, as you can imagine, when Middleton wore an accessory, we could get an affordable version at Nordstrom, we were all over it (and so were other royal enthusiasts).

Hobbs bags are made by the same company that makes Kate’s favorite brand: Louis Vuitton. The Hobbs brand makes bags in both leather and canvas, which are available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. You can find them on sale now at Nordstrom for under $200!

If you’re not familiar with the brand, let us brief you on it

If you’re not familiar with the brand, let us brief you on it. Hobbs is a British brand founded in 2011 by Emily Melbourne and Sophie Slater. The designers behind the brand worked at the U.K. based and sustainable luxury handbag company Mulberry before venturing out to start their line together.

The duo has since garnered international attention for their unique aesthetic which includes bright colors, graphic prints that reference art history (think Picasso), and an emphasis on high-quality materials like leather or cotton that are sourced from ethical sources around the world.

Kate Middleton

It’s a British brand founded in 2011 by Emily Melbourne and Sophie Slater

This British brand was founded in 2011 by Emily Melbourne and Sophie Slater. It’s a luxury brand, with a focus on high-quality fabrics that are made to last. Hobbs is known for its classic designs and use of subdued colors like navy blue and light browns the perfect kind of clothes to wear when you’re going for a casual look but still want something chic about it!

The designers behind the brand worked at the U.K.-based and sustainable luxury handbag company Mulberry before venturing out to start their line together. The focus of this collection is on quality, texture, and tailoring all things you’d expect from a high-end label like Mulberry but with an added dash of chicness that makes it stand out from other brands in its genre.

The pieces are also made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, or woolen fabrics (for jackets) or linen (for shirts).

Hobbs quickly became popular for its affordable and classic pieces known for their quality, texture, and tailoring, as well as timeless design aesthetics that can transition from season to season without feeling like they won’t be on-trend.

This brand has been around since 2011 in London; it’s known for creating simple but elegant clothes that look good on everyone. All of the pieces are designed by Lander Westlake, who started out working at a high-end menswear store before moving on to designing his line. His designs have been featured in magazines like Vogue UK and Self Service; they’re also sold at Nordstrom!

The True Story

The brand has been on the radar of fashion insiders for years, but it took a major boost in popularity when Kate Middleton wore one of its designs at the royal wedding. Hobbs is a British-made brand that specializes in classic pieces that are affordable and timeless and now you can get your hands on some of their dresses before they sell out!

Hobbs’ designs are worth checking out: they’re made from high-quality fabrics like silk and wool, but they also offer more affordable options if you don’t want to spend too much money on an outfit. If you’re looking for something under $100 but still want something elegant enough to wear out with friends or family members who might not approve of your choice of clothing (like me), Hobbs has just what we need!

You may have noticed that Hobbs is no longer just a brand sold at Nordstrom. The label has expanded its reach in recent years, and now it’s also available at Bloomingdale’s, Anthropologie, and Zappos. This means you can find this classic British brand at places you wouldn’t expect to find it—like online retailers with more relaxed privacy policies than those found in brick-and-mortar stores.

Not only does Hobbs sell clothing (and accessories), but it makes shoes as well! This makes sense considering how much Kate Middleton loves her Balenciaga boots they’re currently one of our favorite pairs of high heels on the planet right now.


We’re so happy that Kate has re-adopted this brand! It’s a great fit and her look is on point. With its clean lines, classic style, and easy fit, I think all women should be wearing Nordstrom dress shirts, especially if they want to feel confident in their appearance.

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