Hailey Modernizes the Pastel Skirt Suit Totally


When it comes to fashion, I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian. I’m not afraid to wear black or anything else, but there are times when pastels just feel right.

This spring is one of those times: The color palette has been thrown open wide, and everyone is going crazy for pastels! It’s so fun to see all the high-fashion designers making lime greens and lavenders their thing, but also seeing street-style stars mixing in brighter shades like pink and turquoise and even making them work together in pairs like you would with neutrals (which is just a word for colors that don’t have any red or blue in them). Although Pier Paolo Piccolo’s show-stopping fuchsia has long been the preferred hue of pink in fashion, Hailey Bieber is arguing in favor of pastels. The model wore a baby-pink ensemble from the spring/summer 2022 collection designed by Anthony Vaccarello during Saint Laurent’s acclaimed Paris Fashion Week presentation. Hailey, however, donned a skirt with a higher hemline, giving the silhouette a more modern look than the prim pencil skirt seen on the runway. Her large top with gold buttons and chain-accented pumps gave off an ’80s vibe. Additionally, Bieber wore one of her favorite bags, a classic accessory.

Ireland’s New Clothing line for Rampage

Hailey Baldwin is the cousin of Ireland Baldwin, and she attended the launch of her cousin’s new clothing line for Rampage. The look was super cool, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was actually from a different time one where pastels were still popular and people wore skirts so long, they nearly covered their feet.

The big difference? Instead of wearing a neon pink skirt suit as we see on every other red carpet these days, Hailey chose deep purple and orange hues that would have been at home in 1985. And while this might seem like an odd choice considering how much we love prints around here (and how much it seems like everyone else loves them too), there’s something about this one that screams “modern!”

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Thoroughly Modernized

Hailey Baldwin wore a vibrant pastel skirt suit to the launch of Ireland’s new clothing line for Rampage, and while it’s not exactly a new look it was first seen on Hailey herself back in 2016, she turned it into a modernized piece by wearing it with some statement accessories.

Inside the event last night, Hailey wore an off-the-shoulder top that had its roots in the 80s but was thoroughly modernized by way of cutouts at her shoulders and neckline. She paired this look with black tights and high heels that added just enough height without making her look like she was walking on stilts (and yes, I know what you’re thinking).

The jacket is a hue we might call “pistachio” or “recycled paper,” which she paired with a pleated skirt of an even lighter shade, one that we might call “mint” or “spearmint gum.”

The top layer is a mint green dress shirt and tie combo that’s at once classic and fresh. The bottom layer is a pair of dark gray pants with dark gray shoes another color combo sure to impress in any office space! The overall effect was springy, girly, and Instagram-able.

Pastel Colors are having a Moment

They’re easy to wear, they’re Instagram-able and they can be paired with other colors for an eye-catching look. In this case, the pastels were paired with black and white a classic combination that still feels fresh in 2019.

It’s also important to note that pastels are not just for women: men have been adopting them too! Under the jacket, Hailey wore a white long-sleeve top with more pleating (imagine being hired to do pleating all day long), as well as trendy square-toe boots in off-white.

The rest of Hailey’s look consisted of a black midi skirt, stockings, and suspenders. Her boots were square-toed and matched with a long-sleeved white top that featured more pleating than Hailey’s jacket did. It’s outfitted like these that make us want to ditch all our black clothes right now and start wearing every pastel in our closet at once.

Pastels are the new black, and it’s time to get with the program. These days, pastel looks are popping up everywhere from editorial spreads to runway shows and in your closet. And if you’re not into wearing them yet (okay, I admit it I still can’t get over how much I love these outfits), then maybe this will convince you: The color palette is far from monochrome! There’s no reason why you should stick with blacks or whites anymore when there are so many other beautiful options out there for dressing up or down (and we’re talking about dresses here). We’re living in an age where fashion has become more inclusive than ever before; which means that everyone should feel free to experiment with whatever shade works for them! So, what do we do? We give our favorite picks all over again below:

Pastels will take over your Closet this Spring

The pastel trend is all over the place this spring, and it’s no wonder. Pastels are fun, bright, and happy a perfect way to add color to your wardrobe. They can be worn with jeans or a skirt; they look amazing paired with black, white, or gray; they’re easy to accessorize with necklaces or bracelets. You can even wear them in bright colors like red!


Pastels have been a big trend this spring even overtaking black in some places. From Hailey Baldwin to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, we’ve seen the color on nearly all of our favorite celebrities. It’s no wonder: Pastel tones are brighter, more eye-catching, and have a more youthful feel than other hues like navy and gray. And did we mention they’re also super easy to wear? In case you’re not convinced yet, let us give you another reason why pastels are currently so popular: They look cute with jeans! So go ahead and get yourself some pastel pieces today!

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