How to Draw A Ghost Easily

How to Draw A Ghost. Whether ghosts are true or not has been debated for thousands of years. One camp claims it’s impossible, while others, who they believe have experienced paranormal events, argue otherwise.

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Whatever your thoughts, ghosts are a huge part of different cultures and appear in countless films, books, video games, and Halloween decorations.

Ghosts will always be a welcome topic for fans of Halloween and all things spooky!

If you want it to be spooky, this step-by-step ghost drawing tutorial will have you making your ghosts in no time!

How to Draw A Ghost

Step 1

We’ll start with the ghost head in this first step of our guide to drawing a ghost.

As you can see in the reference image, the head is a rounded line with a small tail curled in the back.

Depending on your ghost’s appearance, you can make the shape thinner or even thicker.

Step 2

In this second step of our guide on drawing a ghost, we will start drawing the ghost’s body and first arm.

The body is very curved and rounded, extending from the front of the face and falling to curve into another small tail at the back.

Before you draw the ghost’s back, you can draw a wavy arm that extends to the side as it appears in the reference image.

Once you’ve drawn the arm, you can finish drawing the back of your ghost.

Step 3

In this next step, we will draw a face for your ghost drawing. We’ll guide you on how to do this in our example, but this is a step where you can tweak things based on your preferences.

For example, you can change the eyes or add eyebrows if you want to change the facial expression.

You can make your mind look angry, scared, happy, or worried using just a few simple lines!

You can also use a different shape for the mouth if you like.

Whether you replicate the design in our reference image or use your own to create new expressions, you’re ready to take the next step!

Step 4

You’ve already drawn an arm for this ghost drawing guide, so this next step should be easy!

For this step, draw another arm on the other side of your mind. This is another part where you can change the arm’s position or add some fingers for a more spooky look.

Step 5

This step of your ghost drawing allows you to customize your spooky drawing! In our reference image, we added some lines to the ghost to give it extra detail.

But you could add a lot more if you wanted to. Some examples of details you could add would be props for your ghost drawing.

Let it pull a big chain or levitate a tombstone over it!

Step 6

Now that your ghost drawing has extra details and a background, you can color your amazing drawing!

We’ve only shown you one way to color your drawing using our example image, but feel free to get creative for this step!

Using only your colors can create an atmosphere for your photo. Keeping the colors darker, with some blue or purple, can add a more ghostly feel to your image.

If you have drawn some props or backgrounds for your ghost drawing, you can also color the elements you have added.

Once you know what colors you want to use, you can also experiment with different artistic means.

I would use watercolors to give this image a more muted and cooler look accompanying the spooky subject.

This is one possibility, and there are many different means you could consider to give this image a look you want!

Your Ghost Drawing is Finished!

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