Kim’s Most Recent Fashion Phase? Bombshell à la Bellucci


Kim Kardashian West is a queen, and her style is always a reflection of her unique personality, whether she’s in all-white or rocking the boldest, most flamboyant makeup look we’ve ever seen. But what was Kim wearing during the Met Gala? And how do you recreate this look at the home? Here are five looks inspired by Kim’s current fashion palette from head to toe.

Kim Kardashian has experienced something of a style rebirth since her first Dolce & Gabbana collaboration became a viral success at Milan Fashion Week. She even walked in the Parisian fashion house’s July haute couture show and made an appearance in its autumn/winter 2022 campaign. The businesswoman has a history of donning extravagant, futuristic Balenciaga ensembles. However, she is now totally embracing maximalist glamour, especially that which evokes nostalgia. Along with her eldest daughter, North West, the 41-year-old model was recently spotted wearing an ensemble from her most recent collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana, which featured designs inspired by the Italian brand’s enormous legacy. The all-black ensemble included a sheer bodysuit with a tunic neck, a satin topcoat, and a paneled corset minidress. Kim finished the ensemble with a pair of point-toe shoes and satin opera gloves.

First, the Dress

The dress is from the Your Outfit Book collection, and it’s a one-shoulder number with a high slit. The plunging neckline shows off Kim’s cleavage to perfection, while the silk fabric adds just enough substance to make this look feel more substantial than it is. You can get your hands on this stunning style in five different colors: black, white, yellow, and red (shown here), as well as green if you’re so inclined.

Next, The Boots

Next, the boots. Kim’s current fashion obsession is a laid-back look that features trendy ankle boots and flats.

The first question you may be asking yourself is: “Why?” After all, Kim wears high-end designers like Chanel and Valentino every day why would she suddenly switch to cheaper brands? The answer lies in her love of simplicity. She appreciates how well-made the shoes are because they’re made to last through several seasons of wear (and tear). It also means she can buy more pairs at once rather than having them break down over time as most other shoes do.

The Belt

The belt is the most important part of any outfit, and it’s no different for Kim. She loves to take risks with her belts, choosing fun colors that pop against all of her monochrome ensembles.

The key accessory can help you add interest or color to an otherwise plain look, like this one from Bombshell à la Bellucci:

The Bag

The bag. This should be big enough to fit a phone, keys, and other essentials. It should be able to fit into a larger bag if you need it to. It’s also important that the bag can stand on its own and doesn’t fall over when you put it down or pull it off your shoulder; otherwise, it’ll just end up on the floor (and maybe even on someone else). Finally, make sure that whatever kind of purse/bag you’re buying has space for your hands as well as pockets you’ll likely want something like this if you plan on using public transportation often!

The Necklace

As you can see in the photo above, Kim’s necklace is a choker. It’s gold and has a diamond pendant that rests on top of her collarbone. The chain is just as important as the piece itself it’s beaded and delicate, but also thick enough to support her neck without weighing her down or straining her skin.

The clasp attaches both halves of this necklace so they stay together throughout all types of activities (i.e., work meetings). In addition to being fashionable since it’s inspired by Bellucci’s look back in 2016 when she was first photographed wearing this exact piece!

Kim’s Makeup

Kim Kardashian is a makeup wizard. Here are some of her favorite looks:

  • Black eyeliner and red lipstick, like she did for the Met Gala (and most of the time).
  • False lashes, which she likes to wear on special occasions.
  • Glittery eye shadows, especially those with pearlescent finishes like MAC or Bobbi Brown Eye Shadows in Pearlized Fluid Eye Shadow Collection.

Some other key products include; If you’re looking to recreate a certain Met Gala look, here are the pieces that will get you there:

  • Dress: Bombshell à la Bellucci.
  • Boots: Nero (M) Taupe(C) Black Silver White Red Yellow Green Blue Purple Pink Brown Orange Yellow Tan Brown Gray Purple Orange Red Violet Blue Green Teal Brown Teal Magenta Orange Magenta Turquoise Blue Cerulean Aqua Olive Drab Beige Ivory Olive Drab Beige Creamy White Light Grey Medium Grey Dark Grey Black Gold Silver Metal Bronze White Blush Rose Pink Lavender Mauve Plum Purpura Purpura Fire Red Fuchsia Lilac Grape Indigo Venus Blue Royal Rouge Rose Carnation Daisy Peony Violet Purple Lavender Plum Luscious Lilac Lime Sky Blue Aqua Cyan Cobalt Blues Cool Greens Warm Violets Warm Purples Cool Blues Warm Violets Soft Tones Warm Reds Cool Reds Dark Reds Medium Greens Soft Tones Bright Oranges Rich Pinks Mauve Shades Rich Browns Mixed Greens Mixed Colors Rich Browns Mixed Colors Aqua blues Cool blues setter white yellow orange red green blue violet purple mauve brown lavender plum luscious lilac lime sky blue aqua cyan cobalt greens cool greens warm violets soft tones warm reds cool reds dark reds medium greens soft tones bright oranges rich pinks.


Kim Kardashian has always been one of the most stylish, bold, and daring women on the planet. She’s always had a passion for fashion that has helped her stand out from the crowd and make an impact wherever she goes. Kim’s most recent fashion phase? Bombshell à la Bellucci. We love seeing her continue to push boundaries with each new look while also sticking to some classic favorites like this amazing dress by Trussardi!

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