Subscription Boxes Are Being Launched by This Muslim Fashion Blogger


It’s no secret that the fashion world is changing. The rise of bloggers like Elsheikh and Muslim women who wear hijabs has given way to a new industry of designers who cater specifically to modest fashion. The Your Outfit book subscription box is part of this trend, offering curated collections by Muslim designers for customers who want clothes that cover their bodies from head to toe, with or without accessories.

Hijabis and Modest Fashion Bloggers

Hijabs are worn by Muslim women to cover their hair in public. The term “hijab” comes from the Arabic word for a headscarf, which is also the name of a type of headdress worn by Arab princesses and other high-ranking ladies in ancient times.

The hijab has become an important symbol for many Muslim women around the world. It’s worn as a signifier of modesty, faith, and identity; it also serves as resistance against gender discrimination (especially against women), along with being used as an instrument of feminism and empowerment.

Muslim Designers

Elsheikh wanted to create a Subscription Box

Elsheikh wanted to create a subscription box that could make shopping more accessible for Muslim women who wear the hijab.

“One of the main reasons I started this company was because I felt like there was no place where you could go buy your lingerie and other clothing, but you know what it’s supposed to look like,” she told The Huffington Post. “And then you go online and it’s really hard for people who don’t know fashion or design at all.” Numerous food delivery businesses, Kate Hudson-approved gym gear, cannabis, and Birch box’s makeup-filled packages all use the subscription-box business model. However, there’s a variant we haven’t yet encountered: A monthly subscription box service geared toward Muslim women is being introduced this week by the fashion website Muslim Girl.

Every Your Outfit book comes with seven items tailored to that specific customer

Every Your Outfit book comes with seven items tailored to that specific customer. The box is tailored to the customer’s style, body type, and budget.

Every Your Outfit allows you to choose what you want in your box! You can also choose when you want it delivered by paying a set fee per month or annually. Or if you’re feeling extra generous (or just bored), you could send one of the boxes as a gift!

You’ll have access to all of the information listed above after signing up and there are no hidden fees or terms like other subscription services often include.

The boxes don’t include full outfits

The subscription boxes don’t include full outfits, so customers can mix and match the pieces with items they already own. The clothes are designed to be mix-and-matchable and not meant to be worn as an outfit. For example, one customer might want to wear a pair of jeans with their favorite blouse or tunic; another may want to pair those same jeans with leggings or sweatpants; another might prefer wearing them with heels instead of flats (or vice versa). This flexibility allows you to create your look based on what works best for your body type and personal style no matter what kind of day it is!

The clothes aren’t specifically labeled as “modest” or aimed at people of color

You may be wondering: are the clothes in Aayah’s subscription box “modest”? Or are they for people of color? Are they only for women, or men and children? Even babies?

The answer is no. The items that Aayah sends out each month aren’t specifically labeled as modest or aimed at any particular group. They’re simply pieces of clothing that she thinks you might like! She’s not trying to push an agenda onto anyone; she just wants to help people find some cool new styles and make them feel better about their bodies.

Muslim Designers

These boxes are intended for a wide variety of women

These boxes are intended for a wide variety of women. The clothes aren’t specifically labeled as “modest,” nor are they specifically labeled as “modest” or aimed at people of color. They’re just fashionable, high-quality pieces that can be worn anywhere and anytime.

In addition to being available in sizes up to 6X, each box also comes with an additional set of accessories (like shoes) so you can create your own from the comfort of your home or wherever else you might happen upon that perfect outfit.

Self-care items will be included in our subscription box: a monthly reminder to stop, take a breath, and prioritize taking care of yourself.

Subscription boxes provide an alternative to traditional shopping

Subscription boxes are a new way to shop, especially for women who find shopping difficult or exhausting. They provide an alternative to traditional shopping, especially for those who don’t want to be surrounded by crowds of people in stores or malls. This is especially true if you have young children, pets that need exercise and time outdoors with them (or a spouse who doesn’t), or simply don’t enjoy spending the entire day at the mall.

Subscriptions also allow us as consumers to discover new brands and styles without having our hard-earned cash wasted on things we don’t want (and may never wear). The beauty of subscription boxes is that they’re curated by experts who know what will appeal most effectively to each demographic whether it’s something simple like a pair of shoes from H&M which look great but aren’t necessarily something special enough for someone else’s wardrobe yet – these types of deals can still help save money without compromising quality just because they’re cheaper!


Your Outfit Book is an interesting concept that we can’t wait to see more of. We’re excited to see how the company progresses from here and what other items they add in the future. The subscription box industry continues to be a hot topic among Muslims, so it will be interesting to see how well this venture does over time.

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