Rihanna on Savage X Fenty’s Sportswear Launch with Adam Selman: “Sexy Functional Fashion”


Rihanna has teamed up with Savage X Fenty to launch a new sportswear line. The lookbook features streetwear staples like leggings, crop tops, and hoodies alongside more formal pieces like lingerie. Rihanna and Adam Selman have a history of working together. For many years, the pop sensation and the American designer, known for his inventive and audacious creations, have collaborated to create unforgettable fashion moments, such as the naked dress for the 2014 CFDA Awards. The two collaborated on the first Savage X Fenty capsule collection, which debuted on Valentine’s Day in 2020 and featured a 19-piece collection of sensual lingerie designs. Selman’s appointment as executive design director of Savage X Fenty Sport makes sense. “Everyday life inspired me.” Everything is a game. “Being pregnant is a sport,” Rihanna says of the new line to Vogue. “It was all about fit and fabric for me, and I let Adam play with the rest.”

The pieces are sexy and snatch you, but they are also functional, which describes the entire Sports collection. Sexy, functional, and fashionable.” “It’s the ideal marriage of lingerie-inspired activewear that is unlike anything else on the market,” Selman adds. The performance set includes workout-appropriate separates cut to contour the body in a sheer mesh with a subtle “X”.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty launched a new Sportswear line with Adam Selman

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty launched a new sportswear line with Adam Selman.

“I’m so excited to be working with Rihanna,” said the designer of his collaboration on Instagram. “She is such an inspiration for me as well as many others in this industry.”

Rihanna’s Sportswear line is a new twist on the classic bra and leggings. This location is where she grew up and learned how to dance before becoming famous.

The collection includes bras in a variety of materials that range from cotton to mesh; leggings feature zippers down the side for extra style points (and durability).

Rihanna and Adam Selman

Rihanna lived as an Adolescent

“The basics are updated with a utility belt and zipper details on bras and leggings,” said Rihanna, who also wore a casual sweater with her favorite brand’s logo emblazoned across the chest.

The collection includes tops that come in different colors like navy blue and sky blue; bottoms include high-waisted pants (with drawstrings at the waist) as well as joggers with pockets on each leg.

Rihanna is Wearing the “Bra n’ Belt” in the above photo

The “bra n’ belt” is a bra and belt combo. Rihanna is wearing the black one below, which comes in three colors and has adjustable straps.

The bra itself is made of mesh fabric and fits snugly around her chest, while the leather belt can be worn under or over clothing depending on how much support you want from your workout gear. It has two different styles: either with or without Velcro closures (the latter option keeps things secure).

In addition to streetwear, Savage x Fenty also has more formal lingerie collections

In addition to streetwear, Savage x Fenty also has more formal lingerie collections. The brand is for everyone, not just athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The line includes a wide range of styles at affordable prices: from body suits (for women) and sports bras (for men) to bodysuits (for both genders), these pieces are easy on the eye while still being functional and comfortable enough that they don’t need to be hidden away under layers all day long! They’re available at stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom so you can shop them wherever you live without having trouble finding something that fits your style preferences perfectly

Rihanna and Adam Selman

This Surprising Collaboration will give new life to your Workout Wardrobe

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty launched a new sportswear line with Adam Selman.

The basics:

  • Rihanna is a trendsetter, and her collaboration with Adam Selman is proof that you don’t need to be an athlete to wear stylish workout gear. The singer has been working on designing apparel for years now she’s been known for wearing comfortable sweatpants in public spaces since at least 2011 but this time around she went full-on athleisure for her Sporty by Rihanna collection. Her pieces are designed to be worn when you’re active or hanging out at home, but they’ll still get people talking about your style choices even if you’re not doing anything special on the court or field (and that’s what matters most).


The Savage X Fenty brand is made up of different lines, so you can pick what works best for your look. If you want to go with the streetwear look, we suggest going with the bra n’ belt, which has a zipper detail on the back of it and a belt included in the set. You can pair this with some joggers or shorts for an athletic look that still feels sexy and feminine at the same time!

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