Shakira Is Writing New Music, Finding Healing, and Speaking Out


Worldwide pop superstar Shakira has blazed a route in the music industry with her distinctive fusion of Latin pop music combined with the dancing styles of her Arabic origin, delighting millions of her admirers worldwide and bringing about the boom in Latin music. Her fame peaked in 2010 when she composed and sang the World Cup in South Africa’s official theme song, where she also met and fell in love with Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. They eventually had a family and settled down together. She admitted to having temporarily lost her faith in 2013, saying, “I even started to think there wasn’t a God. The sun comes out, and then out of nowhere, I run into Gerard. I’ve been following Shakira’s career since she was just a teenager. I remember being amid my teenage angst and being so inspired by her music and her message.

When you see these lyrics above (written by Shakira) they describe how I feel when I read some of these articles below: “I’m sorry” doesn’t begin to cover it but I’m going with it because we need someone’s apology more than ever right now; especially if that person is one of our leaders. and no matter what kind of person you are or how much power you may have within a certain political party. “I am sorry.” -Shakira

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Canada’s digital edition features Shakira on its cover. The story, written by columnist Marnie Wallingford and titled “Shakira’s New Album Shows She Is Still Strong,” is available online and will also be in print.

The interview with Shakira was conducted by Wallingford at her home in Los Angeles on June 22nd, 2019. In it, she talks about her new album Shape Up! which has been released today (June 23rd), how she feels about being a role model for women around the world and what she does when life gets tough for her fans who look up to her as an inspiration.

She also talks about how she feels about being a role model for women around the world, what she does when life gets tough for her fans who look up to her as an inspiration and why she decided to make this album.

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Shakira is Writing New Music

The singer has been working on her next album since last year and says she wants to put out an album that will raise awareness of social issues.

“I want to create something that makes people think,” she told Billboard magazine in an interview published Wednesday (May 16). “It’s not just about me anymore—it can be about so many other things.”

The singer went on to say that she’s been writing about her experience with sexual assault and harassment, which she says is something that’s “been happening for years.”

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Shakira is still reeling from the loss of her father, Rafael Pérez, but she is finding comfort in writing songs. “Writing music helps me to heal,” said Shakira in an interview with the magazine. She added that she’s working on a new album with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, who have collaborated before on “Despacito,” their biggest song to date.

She also spoke about her work as an activist for women’s rights around the world: “When I see girls being abused or exploited as musicians in countries like Indonesia or South America, I know what it feels like because my dad was also a musician who worked all over the world it makes me want more than anything else for young girls today not just here at home but everywhere around the world so they can feel safe and secure in their bodies.”

“It’s something that I’ve been dealing with for a long time,” she said. “I’ve always had to talk about it in my music, but I’m ready to talk about it more openly now. Shakira has worked with both Fonsi and Daddy Yankee on their new albums as well. She discussed how their music has helped her get through hard times in life, especially when it came to writing “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Despacito.”

Shakira Songs

The Singer is Writing New Music, Finding Healing, and Speaking out to help others

Shakira had a busy year in 2019, from traveling the world with her sons to noticing her healing process as she worked through past trauma and loss.

The Colombian-born star said she’s been writing new songs for her next album (which will be released sometime in 2020), which she says is “very personal” and “very honest.” She explains that after the release of “Despacito” (originally called “Era la Noche”), she felt like something was missing and now that she has found it again, it feels so good!

Shakira says that as she has been writing new music, she has been able to look at her healing process and how it relates to the world around her. She shared that being able to see how much people need love and acceptance is what inspired her to write a song called “Despacito” in Spanish.


We’re excited to hear what these songs sound like, but it’s clear that Shakira has a lot of work to do. After all, she’s been through a lot in the past few months. At her peak, she was one of the most successful artists in all of music history and now she’s finally starting again from scratch.

Hopefully, this new return will be an uplifting one for everyone who loves her music and supports her creativity!

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