Sierra Space Lands Key Role in Space Development Agency

Sierra Space Lands $740 Million Contract for Missile Warning and Tracking Satellites with Space Development Agency

Sierra Space, a prominent player in the aerospace industry, has secured a significant contract to manufacture 18 satellites dedicated to missile warning and tracking. This contract, valued at $740 million, underscores Sierra Space‘s pivotal role in advancing space-based defense capabilities. The agreement encompasses the design, production, and delivery of 16 missile warning and tracking satellites, along with two additional satellites specifically tailored for missile defense and fire control applications.

These satellites constitute a crucial component of the Tranche 2 Tracking Layer within the Space Development Agency’s (SDA) proliferated space warfighting architecture. Positioned within the Defense Department’s Low Earth Orbit constellation, Sierra Space’s additions are poised to augment SDA’s capacity to track both conventional and advanced missile threats on a global scale. The contract also incorporates the integration of fire control quality sensors into the constellation, enabling the generation of fire control quality tracks essential for missile defense kill chains—a critical capability for the warfighter.

Sierra Space CEO Tom Vice expressed the significance of the contract, stating, “Under the $740 million SDA contract, Sierra Space will deliver an 18-satellite constellation for missile detection and warning with fire control quality tracks.” He emphasized the strength of Sierra Space’s experienced and mission-driven team, disruptive innovative technologies, and reliable performance in executing on-time delivery of warfighting capabilities to orbit. The total value of secured contracts for Sierra Space in next-generation space-based national security programs now stands at approximately $1.3 billion.

Sierra Space operates under three verticals: space transportation, space destinations, and space applications. Over three decades, the company and its affiliated entities have contributed to more than 500 space missions, creating thousands of space systems, components, and subsystems. The company’s facilities for space manufacturing and mission operations span five states, including Texas, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

Derek Tournear, the Director at SDA, acknowledged Sierra Space’s role in the Tranche 2 project, stating, “We’re pleased to welcome Sierra Space, a new entrant as a prime vendor on Team SDA, as we continue working with L3Harris and Lockheed Martin on Tranche 2.” Tournear emphasized the importance of an agile response across the space industry to meet the demand for the spiral development model, ensuring the delivery of a mission capability encompassing missile warning, missile tracking, and missile defense to the warfighter.

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