Uddiyana Bandha: Method, Benefits, and Precautions

What is Uddiyana Bandha _ The word Uddiyaan means to lift or to fly. In this, we pull the middle abdomen and abdomen up towards the chest, which helps in Prana’s upward flight. Hence it was named Uddiyan Bandh. Shrink the belly of the navel towards the back, as a result of which the prana rises. It is called Uddiyan Bandha. Please join the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh for you.

How to do Uddiyana Bandha? 

  • Stand up straight.
  • Now keep a distance of about half a meter between both toes.
  • Take a deep breath through the nostrils.
  • Now bend forward from the waist and exhale the whole breath through the mouth and try to empty the lungs as much as possible.
  • Now keep your spine straight and bend your knees slightly.
  • Place the palms on the thighs just above the knees in such a way that the weight of the upper part of the body falls on the knees.
  • Keep the fingers of the hand facing down or towards each other.
  • Both your arms should be straight.
  • By doing this, the contraction of the abdomen happens automatically.
  • Tilt your head forward, but keep in mind that the chin should not touch the chest.
  • Now, while keeping the breathing door closed, spread the chest and pretend to breathe. As if you are actually breathing, but the breath is not to be inhaled.
  • Straighten the leg a little. With this motion, the abdomen will easily be pulled up and inwards towards the spine.
  • In this way, now Udiyaan Bandha takes place.
  • After applying Uddiyana Bandha, for as long as you can comfortably stay for as long as you can without straining.
  • Now open the Uddiyan Bandha and relax the chest.
  • Straighten your knees and raise your head.
  • To loosen the bandha of the lungs, first, exhale a little, then inhale slowly through the nose.
  • Stand until breathing returns to normal.
  • Now do the next cycle.

Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal contraction)

  • First of all sit in Siddhasana / Siddhayoni asana or Padmasana.
  • Keep your spine straight and keep your knees in contact with the ground.
  • A pillow can be used to elevate the buttocks. Due to this, the knees will remain downwards.
  • Keep the palms on the knees without bending them, at the same time close your eyes and relax the whole body.
  • Take a deep breath through the nostrils.
  • With the sound of a hush, exhale through the mouth and try to empty the lungs as much as possible.
  • Hold your breath out.
  • Lean forward and apply pressure on the heels with the palms.
  • Straighten the elbows and raise the shoulders. By doing this, the spine will expand further.
  • Now while pressing the chest with the chin, apply Jalandhara Bandha.
  • Contract the abdominal muscles inwards and upwards.
  • Apply Uddiyan Bandha without holding the breath outside without straining and stay in it for as long as you can.
  • Now open the Uddiyan Bandha, bend the elbows, and lower the shoulders.
  • Raise the head up and then inhale slowly.
  • Stay in this position until the breathing becomes normal.
  • Then do the next cycle.

Respiration during Uddiyana Bandha?

Uddiyana bandha is practiced only with Bahirkumbhaka. That is, it should be practiced by stopping the breath outside.

How long should one stay in Uddiyana Bandha? 

Uddiyana Bandha should be practiced for as long as you can comfortably hold your breath. While counting at the time of Bahirkumbhak, gradually increasing the count one by one, the duration of Kumbhak should be increased. In the beginning, practice this for 3 cycles. As the practice goes on, it can be done up to 10 times.

Reflexes during Uddiyana Bandha –

Your awareness should be physically on the rhythm of the breath and above the abdomen. Spiritually it should be on the Manipura Chakra.

Order of Uddiyana Bandha –

It should be practiced after Asana and Pranayama and before meditation. Uddiyana Bandha is ideally performed in conjunction with Mudra Bandha and Pranayama. This greatly increases its effect. Doing Uddiyana Bandha becomes very easy after doing the asanas done on the head like Shirshasan etc.

Precautions in Uddiyana Bandh –

This is a higher method of bandha. Therefore, it should be done only after attaining proficiency in Kumbhaka, Jalandhara Bandha, and Moolbandha. It should be practiced only under skilled guidance.

Limitations of Uddiyana Bandh –

  • Uddiyana Bandha Asana practice should always be done on an empty stomach.
  • A person suffering from heart disease, peptic ulcer, or colitis should not practice Uddiyana Bandha.
  • The patient with a hernia should also not do it.
  • Pregnant women should not practice it.
  • Young children should not practice Uddiyana Bandha.
  • Individuals suffering from hypertension, glaucoma, and increased intracranial pressure should not practice Uddiyan Bandha.

Benefits –

  • Uddiyana bandha is beneficial in diseases of the stomach and stomach like constipation, dyspepsia, and worm disease, as well as it is beneficial for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Jatharagni is ignited by the practice of Uddiyan Bandha.
  • It massages all the abdominal organs.
  • Its practice balances the adrenal glands. There is a reduction in stress and anxiety and lethargy disappears.
  • This improves blood circulation throughout the torso.
  • It stimulates the Manipura Chakra.

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